See Ya Later

2020 is rolling to a close. We don’t know what 2021 holds, but if nothing else, 2020 has taught us to expect the unexpected. One year ago did anyone anticipate, of all things, a toilet paper shortage? Call me the annoying eternal optimist, but I am just glad it wasn’t a coffee shortage. That could have become really ugly, really fast.

We have learned, some lessons we needed, others we didn’t want, but knowledge was none the less dispensed. At times it was a deluge, especially in regards to people’s cores. I saw things I didn’t like in some people I thought I knew, they saw me too. I saw more of myself, even then, I liked a lot of it but what I didn’t like, I struggled with coming to terms. My greatest take away is that I can still change, I can be an evolving work in progress for awhile longer.

Almost two years ago I started this blog for no other reason that I wanted to share some things. It was never about making money, promoting a business or personal gain. I gained 99 followers, not 100, not that it matters. Some of you read faithfully and were kind in your comments. Thank you. No one was overly harsh or extremely critical. Thank you.

This will be my last post in the foreseeable future or perhaps just the last one. I have another writing project that keeps wanting to come off the back burner of my brain and actually get cooked. It won’t leave me alone so with trepidation and anticipation I am going to shift all of my writing energy into this project.

Curious? It is a memoir. While there is a remote possibility of publication, there is a greater possibility that it will only have one reader, me. It is something that I need to do. In case you are wondering, it scares the bee-jee-bees out of me.

Thanks for your encouragement, comments and time. I appreciate you and pray for blessings to rain down upon you until you are drenched in joy. Goodbye for now my friends.


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  1. I sure enjoyed reading the thoughts and musing of my best pal, Sue! You gave us much food for thought along the way on your blog journey. I am really glad that I will be able to continue hearing your thoughts and views via our frequent phone calls, and, God willing SOOOOON, a face-to-face yak! Love, Lisa (P.S. — I think the fact that you created and maintained a blog may be advantageous in the future, just as I like to think my eBook will be for me. You just never know what God has in mind for us writer types! Think I’ll keep askin’ Him. 🙂 )

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