Signs of the Times

Someday, although we don’t know when, this too shall pass. Those of us that are still living in five, ten or twenty years will not remember things in the exact same way. This is, of course, is true of every event of historical or personal significance. Today, just two days before what is probably the most important election of my life, I though I would share some signs of our times.

Thanks for stopping by. Regardless of the election results, we can all choose respect and kindness. Have a blessed week and if you have not already cast your ballot, please do, even if your vote cancels mine, both our votes are important.

Photo credits this week are to Yours Truly, Lisa Griffin and several others that are not named.



  1. Have a blessed happy day! I live in the 10 year increment now. As I get older (76) you actually think in five year lots. You are spot on. ? ________________________________


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