I am writing this post on July 4, 2020, Independence Day. Many are finding that their nerves are raw and their patience is waning, I haven’t been immune from that experience either. Today, however, the day my country, the United States, celebrates it’s freedom, foundation and history, I am looking at the perks of being a citizen. I also acknowledge that many of my fellow countrymen are not as fortunate.

I have a home that is safe and comfortable. I own it with no lien or mortgage. The same is true for the land it is on. That alone is pretty darn spectacular when I think on a global basis, a single female that owns her home and land, in much of the world it wouldn’t even be allowed. I own a reliable vehicle with gas in the tank and full coverage insurance. I have clean water on demand and the price of it is minimal. I have both heat and air conditioning available on demand at the touch of a button. I have high speed internet. I have a variety of food in my kitchen and freezer with enough to last for a good while. I attend the church of my choice but I would be free to not attend. I decide how to spend and save my money (unless you count taxes). I get to vote. My phone is smart. A security system allows me (and the carrier) to monitor what is happening from almost anywhere. I have electronics that make life easier including, Alexa, Google Home, a programmable vacuum, an irrigation system for my landscaping, a laptop computer, music on demand, streaming services and a Kindle. I have health care. My dog gets regular vet visits and take takes medications that prevent heart worm, fleas and ticks. She has her own treat jar in the kitchen and it is fully stocked. I have a retirement income that pays my expenses and I have part time job that makes me feel both useful and appreciated. I have way more than I deserve.

I have the right to complain, but in the light of the previous statements, I should instead, feel grateful and blessed. I do. I also feel very humble and even a little unworthy. I worked very hard for money that paid for the education that allowed me to work really hard at a professional job and several supplementary side jobs. I appreciate others that work hard. I didn’t work hard to become a United States citizen it was either luck or part of God’s plan. I admire and applaud those that struggled and worked hard to become citizen’s of this country.

Today I choose to focus on the good things and people in my life instead of pandemic worries and political battles. I am not doing the equivalent of an ostrich sticking it’s head in the sand. All the unrest is there and I can’t claim to be stress free, but I have the freedom to choose where I put my focus. Today it is on the good.

This morning while I was out for my Saturday long distance run I noticed a phone lying on the shoulder of the road. Next I saw a driver’s license, gift card and credit card. I picked them up and once back to my vehicle used the name on the license to locate the lady on social media. I messaged her to let her know what I had found and arrange for it’s return. I didn’t think much about it but she was very appreciative. She had already canceled the credit card but was thrilled to not have to go through the hassle of replacing her driver’s license. It felt good to relieve her of some stress and that was reward enough for me. She, however decided to give me a gift card for the local coffee shop. It was a very kind gesture.

Yesterday, I was in the grocery store as part of the part-time job that I mentioned. It was a crazy day to be shopping, particularly with someone else’s list. After I was home the lady who employs me sent a text, it seems I was supposed to buy two loaves of her favorite bread and I had only purchased one. She wasn’t really complaining but I picked up on her frustration and also understood. Had she been able to do her own shopping, she would have enjoyed the independence of the task rather than relying on someone to select her items. I decided to make a quick trip into the store this morning and get the bread for her and not take payment. I just wanted to extend a kindness.

When I arrived at her house I learned that she had experienced a rough night and was worried over several people and things. When I gave her the bread she was so touched that she cried and let go of some of the stress. Such a little thing, but it reminded her that there are people that care about her and it gave me joy too.

So today, July 4, 2020, I pray: Thank you Lord for the many kinds of abundance in my life. Thank you for helping me find ways to help others. I pray that you will continue to help me seek out the good, even when times are stressful and especially when people aren’t easy to deal with. Help me to see beyond others anger and to their hurt. I pray for guidance that I may use the blessing of my resources to give blessing to others. I pray that when I feel overwhelmed, angry or scared that I will turn it over to you and trust in your ways. Finally, Lord, I pray that if it is in your will, please heal our land.

Happy Independence Day Weekend to all.

The following allowed the use of their photos and I appreciate them: John Sailer, Phillip Stephen, Mehrad Vosoughi and Jim Strasma.


  1. Well said, as always, dear friend! I wish everyone would take time to think about all they have to be thankful for. It is a game changer. I was really affected by the following thought regarding appreciation of the blessings in my life:
    “What if all you had tomorrow was what you gave thanks for today?”

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  2. it’s a lovely warm, positive post and you’re right: in times such as these it is good to count our blessings rather than whine. I too count myself fortunate living in a State that is still covid free after 15 days

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