Voices in My Head

I don’t know about you, but I could use a break from all of my thoughts and conversations about covid-19. The problem with that is there seems little else to talk about since we aren’t going places or doing things worthy of conversation. I came across a little piece of writing from two and a half years ago when I was training to run a marathon. I think you will find a little humor regardless of if you are a runner or an armchair athlete, and a small giggle is good medicine. Thanks for stopping by. Be healthy and safe in the coming weeks.

The Cast of Voices in my brain during a 18 mile training run

  • Positive Polly
  • Negative Nellie
  • Feet
  • Legs
  • Nose
  • Heart
  • Lungs

Mile 1

NELLIE: “Well, darn, it is raining, let’s just go home.”

POLLY: “You are not a weenie! Just start running. Besides it will give us a chance to test the new jacket that is allegedly highly water resistant and highly breathable.”

Mile 2

NELLIE: “Jacket is not, I repeat not, highly water resistant!”

POLLY: “But it isn’t too hot so it must be breathable, that’s plus.”

NELLIE: “16 more miles, Polly, 16 more miles.”

POLLY: “La la la, can’t hear you Nellie, we are working on mile 2, that sounds better.”

Mile 3

POLLY: “Look, Another runner! Wow, his headlamp is bright”

NELLIE: “We need a better headlamp.”

POLLY: “The other runner is our doctor (wave) I like that

we live in a small town where we know most of the


Nose: “Gotta tissue? I am running too ya’ know!”

Mile 4

 NELLIE: “This town is too small for serious runners, we

have to keep looping the same streets just to get in

our miles. We need a Central Park like the New

York folks.”

Mile 5

POLLY: “Oh, favorite running song, play that violin

Lindsey Stirling! “

NELLIE: “I bet Lindsey Stirling lives in New York and is

still sound asleep.”

LEGS: “Hush you all, we are the ones doing all the work!”

Nose: “Uh, I am running too!”

HEART: Stop argueing or I am going to stop this body and whip everyone of you!”

Mile 6

 NELLIE : “Uh, don’t look now, but I think you lost your

favorite, reflective smiley face, magnetic clip-on


POLLY: “Be nice, I really did like that light. Hmm, I have

an Amazon gift card, I can reward myself with a

little retail therapy.”

Mile 7

 POLLY: “I like running past my piece of property where I

will soon build my forever home.”

Nellie: “So, we aren’t pooping there today?”

POLLY: “Be nice for a change”

Mile 8

POLLY: ” The sun is up, we can loop back to the

Subaru and lock the gun inside. That will take

some weight off.”

NELLIE : “We look ridiculous. Try not to scare anyone

this time!”

Mile 9

 POLLY: “What time is it?”

NELLIE: “What day is it? I feel like we have been out

here for weeks.”

POLLY: “Just be glad we didn’t sign up for an Ultra.”

NELLIE: “I want to go home!”

Mile 10

Feet: “There is no shame in walking for a while.”

POLLY: “No, You got this!”

NELLIE: “Shut up Feet!”

POLLY: “Just keep going and I’ll buy you a pedicure

this afternoon.”

Mile 11

 POLLY: “Hey, it stopped raining!”

Feet: “Are we there yet? I want a pedicure.”

Legs: “What about me? I could use a massage.”

Heart: “If we don’t finish soon I may need a massage.”

Mile 12

 Feet: “Are we there yet?”

POLLY: “Lots more people are out now. They are heading

to school and work. I am glad I don’t have to go to

school or work.”

NELLIE : “Nah, Nah, Nah, Boo, Boo! Look at us we are


Feet: “I’m kinda missing the desk job.”

Heart and Lungs: We insist on a nap before the pedicure”

Mile 13

 POLLY: “Okay, this is the last mile of our imaginary half-

marathon. Finish Strong!

NELLIE:  I’m not stupid, we still have 5 miles to go. Five. Long. Miles.’

Feet: “Are we there yet?”

NELLIE:  “It’s raining again”

Nose: “I am getting wet.”

Mile 14

Legs: “ I’m finished, you all go on without me.”

Feet:  “I want my pedicure NOW!!”

NELLIE:   “Polly has quit talking, not a good sign.”

Mile 15

POLLY:  Just a 5-k everyone and then we are finished!”

NELLY: “Polly, I hate to tell you this but but 18-4 doesn’t equal 3.2”

Mile 16

POLLY:  Hot guy from the gym is at his desk and looked at us as we went by.  I bet he is impressed

by our stamina and mental fortitude.”

NELLIE:  I saw us in the reflection of his window.  We look old, slow and crappy.”

Legs:  I don’t care how we look, I am suffering down here!”

Mile 17

POLLY:  We can do this, we are almost finished!”

NELLIE: “Just shut  up and get us to the Subaru!”

Feet:  “Yippee, pedicure time!”

Legs:  “ What about me?  I want a massage. No wait, on second thought, if anyone so much as touches me for a week I swear I will kick them!”

Mile 18

POLLY: “One more mile and then we are finished and we don’t run again for two whole days!”

Others: “Do what? You mean we are going to do this again?”

Lungs: “Once again, no one even says thank you.”


  1. Thank you again! Love the conversation. The pictures are so inspiring especially the one in the white sweatshirt as you charge by the large group. Love it. Love you! ________________________________


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