Dollars and Sense

Being thrifty and saving money have always been in vogue for all of us that are not of the elitist frame of mind. Now, more than ever most of us are trying even harder. If not for ourselves, so that we can help others as much as possible. Here are some ideas that you may have not employed as of yet but there is no time like the present.

  • Your water heater is probably the second largest part of your electric bill. Turn down the thermostat. I used to turn mine off for the biggest part of the day ( I currently have a natural gas hot water heater so turning it off is no longer practical). They are very well insulated and the water will remain hot for a really long time.
  • Most of us like sleeping in a cool/cold room. If you are still using heat at this time of year turn your thermostat down, particularly at night, and add an extra blanket to your bed.
  • Spring has arrived and with it most of us will soon experience warmer days. Consider hanging your clothes outside and letting them air dry. To minimize wrinkles let them dance around in the dryer for a few minutes first. When you take them down to bring them back inside remember to take a sniff. Clothes dried outside have a wonderful fresh scent that you can’t get from another source.
  • Social distancing is not easy for many. Resist filling the gap with online shopping beyond necessities. There will be time to buy new clothes, jewelry, electronics ….at some future time. Keep in mind that your money may be needed for more important things.
  • Even if your utility company promises not to disconnect service over late payments go ahead and stay current if you possibly can. You are not being offered free service and you will eventually have to pay up.
  • Be aware. Scammers are working very hard to come up with new schemes to cheat you.
  • Many scammers will pray on the lonely. Don’t be tricked into sending money or personal information to someone you “met” online through dating, religious or other social websites.
  • Don’t open your door just because someone is there. If you aren’t expecting them, you probably don’t need to see them. If you have a good security system you may choose to talk to the person through the speaker but even then you may decide it is best to ignore the stranger as you click save to the recording.

Many of you will have other great suggestions to add. Rather than just texting or emailing them to me, consider posting in the comments for the benefit of all.

Thanks for reading. Be smart and do your part. God bless you.

The following allowed the use of their photographs: Annie Spratt, Micheile Henderson, Michael Longmire


  1. Good ones! Since paper goods are so hard to come by, I’ve been able to tear Kleenex in half (only easily tears from two sides, not all four). Paper towels are being torn into three smaller ones. Since I don’t drink a lot of milk, I’ve been dividing my gallon or quart into saved, cleaned water bottles and freezing it. It is just the same when it thaws!

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