Admit It. You are Doing Some of These:

You can call it panic, or preparedness or whatever you like but you must admit that you are now having thoughts that you weren’t having a week ago. You may not be willing to admit it, but you are also doing some things you didn’t do a long time ago. By a long time ago, I mean last Tuesday.

Read the following list of 19 thoughts/actions then respond with how many you can claim by commenting your number. Mine is 14.

  1. You are drinking water straight from the tap or refrigerator and saving your bottled water, soda and other purchased drinks just in case.
  2. You are keeping containers filled with water that were empty 3 days ago, just in case.
  3. You are meal planning to use your perishable foods first and trying to limit your use of the non-perishables you have on hand.
  4. You join in the social media banter about how people are acting crazy by stocking up on toilet paper and sanitizing products but you don’t tell that you have stocked up too.
  5. You have a 6-month supply of toilet paper but you don’t admit it because you don’t want to be asked to share with those that are not as prepared.
  6. You are rationing that 6-month supply of toilet tissue and using only 2/3 the number of sheets you were using back on Tuesday.
  7. You consider selling your quart size bottle of hand-sanitizer and look on E-bay and Facebook to get an idea of what price you should use for a starting bid.
  8.  Regardless of your voter registration you are wondering if we are being told the full story because the government is trying to avoid mass hysteria.
  9. You wonder if some people are adding to their toilet tissue stash by taking extra out of public bathrooms. You also wonder if they are being smart.
  10. You have a new appreciation for medical professionals that continue to show up and do what they can even though they are almost certainly going to be exposed.
  11. You no longer throw away the fast food restaurant napkins that are stashed in your glove compartment.
  12. You wonder if you can get a refund on the sports package part of your cable subscription.
  13. You are starting to get cabin fever and for the first time you may really understand what pushed the dude from The Shining to break contact with reality.
  14. You wish you stocked up on more__________.
  15. You are concerned that you or someone you love will need medical care for issues that aren’t related to covid-19 and getting such care will expose them or perhaps care will not be available if the providers are sick too.
  16. While at the gym you notice the stuff in the spray bottles, that supposedly contains sanitizer, has no fragrance. You ponder about if they filled them up with water so they don’t have to admit they are out of cleaners.  You also notice the employees are staying behind the counter when last week they were circulating through the gym.
  17. You have found the old songs, My Sharona and Come On Eileen, playing in your head but with new lyrics.
  18. You notice that nature and the animals don’t seem concerned and wonder if they are thinking we deserve this.
  19. You consider breaking your New Year’s Resolutions and Lent Sacrifices because if your time is short you want to go out with a twinkie in your tummy, a martini in your right hand and a Marlboro Red in your left.

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