Prepared or Paranoid

The Corona Virus, COVID-19, is making news everywhere and yet, at least within my social circles, almost no one is talking about it. Are we afraid if we talk about it that it will make it more real and scary? I don’t know.

Photo provided from the Center for Disease Control

I have looked up preparedness information in the past and I have recently revisited several .gov sites including the CDC. I have to say it gives me pause when I see the differences in such sites just in the past two days. Does anyone else think that the big “they” thinks it is going to be really bad but “they” are trying to keep us from panicking? Okay, I get it, panic won’t help but should we be more cautious before anything happens?

I try to be eco-friendly and therefore don’t keep much bottled water on hand. I decided I would buy some water, just in case. Since I was going to the big one stop store, you know the one, I thought I would go ahead and pick up some other items from the lists at the .gov sites. Okay, so I admit that I already had most of that stuff but I claim it is due to being raised by parents that grew up during the Great Depression and never stopped using hoarding as a means to feel secure. Me, paranoid? Of course not, I just didn’t have a better blog topic this week.

I entered the store early in the day and no one seemed to be acting any weirder than they do at any other time. Actually, I didn’t even see the typical weirdos, perhaps it was too early. I turned into the aisle with first aid supplies.

Photo provided from the Center for Disease Control

I wanted a bottle of rubbing alcohol, it’s good to have on hand, and I also use it when I make homemade window cleaner. The shelf was empty, every brand, every size, nada, zip, nothing. I then decided to pick up a box of disposable latex gloves. I found those, I bought the last box sitting on the shelf. I was starting to get a funny feeling about my shopping trip.

Originally I hadn’t planned on buying water purification tablets but I found myself heading to the camping aisle. Three packs hanging on the display and several empty poles. I bought two and left one for the next paranoid prepper.

I renewed my membership at big box store not too long ago so I already have oodles of toilet paper, paper towels and dog food. I haven’t used an electric can opener in years because I hate how they always burp out a little of the contents. I didn’t need to buy a manual opener but I passed a rack of them as I headed towards the laundry aisle for a gallon of bleach. Seriously? They want $8.00 for a manual can opener? There were still plenty of those available.

As always, If you are sick, stay home!

What now? Am I prepared, paranoid or both. I guess we will all find out.

Be well my friends and may God bless you even if you don’t sneeze, but especially if you do.


  1. You did it again. You are so funny but hit the truth in your humor. Thanks for putting this flu out there. I am not paranoid yet! ? ________________________________

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  2. We are now a fortnight on from the date of this post, Suzanne. Things have come a long way here in Oz. Here all big sporting events have been cancelled or played in empty stadiums.Still amongst us, our little group of friends and family, the mood is calm but wary..I hope you stay safe 🙂

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