When God Won’t Be Ignored Part II

You will need to read last week’s post for today’s story to make sense.

It was a beautiful day to be outside. I enjoyed attending to several home related tasks. Other than a quick lunch break I had worked non-stop since I arrived at home after church. I am one that likes to check things off of a to-do list and I was having a great day.

As I worked I would wave to the occasional neighbor that passed by in their car. I had a brief conversation with a realtor that was showing the house next door to a young couple and was happy to give her the inside scoop on the awesomeness of the neighborhood. Later, another neighbor stopped by to thank me for the return of his insulin kit that I had found on the street while out walking the day before. He explained that he had searched and searched and only realized after he got it back that he had left it on the roof of his car and it had fallen off as he drove down the street.

I was minutes away from calling it a day. My beloved Australian Labradoodle had patiently waited all day while I did my chores and I wanted to reward her by take her for a walk. As I rolled up the hose a truck went by and both the driver and passenger waved and smiled.

What’s the big deal about that, you ask? The waving/smiling couple are my future neighbors that I wrote about last week. I had left the letter from last week’s post taped to their door. They read it. It seems they have decided to join me in leaving past hurts behind as evidenced by their smiles and waves. Yes, of course I smiled and waved back. It was the best part of an already wonderful day. God is good.

Thanks for reading. Have a blessed week.


  1. Sue, I looked for your post yesterday and didn’t see it. I am so glad I checked the email this morning. I loved it when “there you were” . Thanks for confirming what an Awesome God were serve and who served us. ? ________________________________

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