Thankful A-Z

A. Attitude (it is my choice day by day and minute by minute).

B. Bella, my fur-baby.

C. Challenges (They keep my brain sharp and focused).

D. Democracy

E. Elastic for keeping my socks and undies in place!

F. Forgiveness

G. God

H. Hindsight that is 20/20, sometimes it keeps me from repeating mistakes.

I. Inspiration

K. Kids

L. Laughter

M. Mountains with snow on top on a hot July day

N. New beginnings every morning

O. Open-minded people

P. Potato Chips

Q. Questions that make me learn and think

R. Running

S. Sisters from other mothers

T. Time

U. Understanding granted from others

V. Violin music, especially Lindsey Sterling

W. Water that is clean and fresh

X. Xenial (look it up).

Y. You (thanks for reading)

Z. Zippers, even the ones that one go up because of P.


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