19 Things to Love during Autumn 2019

As of tomorrow we can exclaim, “Happy Fall Y’All!”  I enjoy all of the seasons, but if I must have a favorite, then autumn is the winner.  Here is my list of 19 things to celebrate before winter. I call it my, Everything Nice Except Pumpkin Spice, list.

What would you add? Football, tail-gating, hiking, Haunted Houses, pumpkin spice? What made me list that wouldn’t be on yours? Please share your comments below. Have a blessed and beautiful autumn.

Thanks to the following for the use of their photographs; Yours truly, Ron McClenny, Josh Campbell, Patrick Fore, Sara Dubler, Jessica-d-vega, Alex Geerts, Joanna Karsinkaua, Alas, Krivec and Corwin Thiessen

1 Comment

  1. Not my fave sadly. Too many messy leaves in yards to deal with! And it only means the dreaded Holidays are approaching. But I guess that’s a typical bachelor opinion. However, I am very “basic” and enjoy PSLs (pumpkin spice lattes) quite a bit.

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